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What is the part number for the rail extensions for a N250MJ, Series 0?

Published date: 29 June 2020


Product Line:

UL 67, UL 50, CSA C22.2 No.'s 20-M1989 & 94-M91, NEMA PB1, NFPA 70 Art. 408, Federal Specification W-P-115C Type 1 Class 1 , 2003 IBC, NFPA 5000, ASCE/SE17

Replacement parts for items lost or damaged.


Part number 80113-115-51, for 12 inch rail extensions, is obsolete and no longer available.  This part number and other components of N250MJ, Series 0, are no longer available; however, the current E1 series main breaker adapter kit, N250MJ, is backwards compatible with the other Series 0 interior panelboard components.  If a Series E1 N250MJ is to be used with other Series 0 NF panelboard components (for example, the branch breaker interior, box and cover), the entire main breaker adapter kit must be used, and no parts from a Series 0 kit may be used.  In other words, if any components of a Series 0 N250MJ must be replaced due to damage or loss, all of the main breaker adapter kit components must be replaced together by a complete Series E1 N250MJ main breaker adapter kit.  Note:  it is not necessary to specify "Series E1" when ordering N250MJ:  that is the only Series being produced and shipped.

CTA-ID : 2045211

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