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What R frame breakers include the terminal pad kits with the breaker?

Published date: 05 September 2019

Which terminal pad kits (RLTB, RLTB4, RL3TB or RL3TB4)are included with the breaker?

Product Line:
PowerPact R frame breakers

Does not include PowerPact R frame I-Line breakers.

When should the RLTB/RLTB4 or RL3TB/RL3TB4 be ordered as a separate item and when are they included with the breaker?

The terminal pad kit RLTB/RLTB4 is supplied for both ends with all of the following:
2500 amp 100% rated breakers

The terminal pad kit RL3TB/RL3TB4 is supplied for both ends with all:
3000 amp 80% and 100% rated breakers

Use suffix YS to omit these terminal pad kits from the breaker, if required, for the assembly plants and for replacement breakers.

You must order the RLTB/RLTB4 terminal pad kits for all other unit mounted PowerPact R frame breakers.
Remember to order the appropriate number of AL2500RK lugs for the number of cables being used for the breakers. Each kit contains 2 lugs.

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