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What is the part # for the Harmony Biometric Switch?

Published date: 19 June 2020

Selecting right part number for XB5S Biometric switches.

Product Line: 
Push Buttons and Operator Interface

XB5S Biometric Switches

For a maintained/bistable switch select the XB5S1B2L2 (pre-wired 2 m cable) or XB5S1B2M12 (M12 connector).
For a momentary/monotstable switch select the XB5S2B2L2 (pre-wired 2 m cable) or XB5S2B2M12 (M12 connector).
For a maintained/bistable USB switch select the XB5S3B2L2 (pre-wired 2 m cable) or XB5S3B2M12 (M12 connector).

For a momentary/monotstable USB switch select the XB5S4B2L2 (pre-wired 2 m cable) or XB5S4B2M12 (M12 connector).
USB biometric switch dedicated to Schneider HMI 24Vdc select the XB5S5BL2L.

See Pricing Guide 9001PL0901 for accessories.

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