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TSXETG100 supports what Ethernet protocols and what TCP ports?

The ETG supports the following Ethernet protocols:
Modbus TCP/IP: Modbus TCP/IP is a combination of the Modbus protocol, which provides master-slave communication
between devices, and TCP/IP, which provides communications over an Ethernet connection. Modbus TCP/IP is used to
exchange data between the ETG and other compatible Modbus TCP/IP devices via TCP port 502.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): HTTP is a network protocol that handles the delivery of files and data on the World Wide
Web. It provides web server functionality via TCP port 80. Remote configuration of the ETG and the viewing of diagnostic data
is possible using a web browser.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP): FTP is a network protocol that provides the ability to transfer files over the Internet from one computer
to another. FTP is used to transfer firmware updates to the ETG via TCP port 21.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP): Based on MIB2 format, SNMP provides the ability to store and send identifying
and diagnostic information used for network management purposes via UDP port 161 .

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP): ARP is used to convert IP addresses to Ethernet addresses. ARP requests are sent by the
ETG to determine if its address is a duplicate IP address.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL192355 V1.0, Originally authored by GeMc on 07/19/2008, Last Edited by GeMc on 07/19/2008
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