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Altivar 71 v2.5 behavior with CANopen.

Goals and Symptoms

Motion Control / Altivar 71 - Altivar 71 v2.5 behavior with CANopen.
It n' is not possible to connect an Altivar 71 version 2.5 on a system Unity Pro v3.X with M340 as well as on Advantys and STB.

Causes and Fixes

It is after an evolution of major index of the object " 1018sub3" of the drive.

It is thus not possible to replace an ATV71 v1.x by an ATV71 v2.5 on an existing installation or to create a new application with this version of drive.


The solution consists in upgrading Altivar 71 with a minimal version v2.5 (IE37), for that, contact your respective Schneider Engineering service, this operation takes less than 20 mn.

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