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Only two PDO's are mapped if there is more than two 'FTM 1Dxxxxxxx' modules configured.

Only two (2 )PDO's are mapped if there are more than 2 'FTM 1Dxxxxxxx' modules.configured

Product Line

Windows 7

If there are more than two 'FTM 1Dxxxxxxx' modules and no analog input modules configured in the
island, only the PDO's for the first and second modules are mapped. The mapping is not consecutive
because it shows as PDO1 and PDO5.

This behaviour is in accordance to the 'DS-401' CANopen standard. Per the standard, PDO1 and
PDO5 are used for digital mapping. PDO2,PDO3,PDO4 is reserved for analog data mapping.

To workaround this, the user must define the mapping for the missing module data using the following

  • Unlock the island.
  • Open the I/O Image Overview.
  • Right click and select "Insert Mapping.
  • Check off the items that you want to be mapped into the TxPDO or RxPDO tables.
  • Click 'OK' to close the 'Select...' window.

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