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Drawing - Current Transformer Shorting Terminal Blocks - Catalog No- 3090TB4 (4 pole) 3090TB6 (6 pole)

Is there a cut sheet available for the 4 and 6 pole CT shorting terminal blocks?

Product Line
3090TB4 and 3090TB6 CT shorting terminal blocks

All meter installations which require CT shorting terminal blocks


2014 and onward
Please note that the manufacture of the CT shorting terminal blocks was changed in 2014 to Cooper Bussman.
Attachment: 3090 CT Shorting Blocks 2014.pdf

The following cut sheet is for the older Marathon branded CT shorting terminal blocks.
Attachment: Current transformer Shorting Terminal Blocks Catalog No- 3090TB4 4 pole 3090TB6 6 pole.pdf

For further information on how to short a current transformer shorting block properly, click here
For shorting blocks that include a cover, see Do the 3090TB4/3090TB6 shorting blocks include a cover?

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3090 CT SHORTING BLOCKS 2014.pdf3090 CT SHORTING BLOCKS 2014.pdf [102.67 KB]
Current_Transformer_Shorting_Terminal_Blocks_Catalog_No-_3090TB4__4_pole__3090TB6__6_pole_.pdfCurrent_Transformer_Shorting_Terminal_Blocks_Catalog_No-_3090TB4__4_pole__3090TB6__6_pole_.pdf [38.91 KB]
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