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Video: How is logged data exported from ION Setup to Microsoft Excel?

Published date: 14 May 2020

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ION Setup

Data Logs

ION Setup was designed as a viewing program without any facility for data storage or export.

If historic data that was downloaded from a meter in ION Setup needs to be exported to another format the following procedure will need to be follow:

Connect to the meter and enter data viewing mode (see ION Setup User's Guide for details).

  1. Open the data recorder of your preference. And highlight the section you'd like to copy.
  2. Select the Edit menu and choose copy.
  3. Open Microsoft Excel and open a 'New' document.
  4. Select the Edit menu and choose paste. You will need to create the column headings yourself as they won't be copied over.
  5. Highlight the Timestamp column and right click on one of the highlighted cells and select Format Cells
  6. When the Format Cells popup appears, change the Category to date, and select an appropriate date type.
  7. If the date shows up with an @ symbol between the Time & Date section, then you will have to find/replace the @ with a (space).
  8. Click on the A column heading to select the A column again.
  9. Select Edit and choose replace.
  10. In the find field place your @ symbol, then in the replace field you can type the space, then click Replace all.

To Graph Data:
  1. To Graph your data, you can select the Timestamp column & the desired columns by holding down the CTRL button and clicking on the Column letter.
  2. Click on the graph button, and follow the wizard to create the line/x-y scatter graph you need.

If you want to export the data as a .CSV file, follow FA221402

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