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170ENT11001 Goes into SAFE MODE if the IP is Assigned via DHCP

The purpose of this resolution is to inform 170ENT11001 Ethernet Communication Adapter product users that a workaround is available so the module does not go into SAFE MODE when its IP address is assigned using DHCP.

A condition exists with the 170ENT11001 in Exec. versions 1.04 and lower where the Ethernet Communications Adapter will go into SAFE MODE if the IP is assigned by an NOE or ETY DHCP server.

SAFE MODE is a condition where the I/O communications between the 170ENT11001and the I/O Base are intentionally disabled and the outputs are set to their reset state.

Product Line

If the ENT11001 is configured with a ROLENAME, it will send out DHCP Discover messages to obtain its IP address from a DHCP server. After the NOE/ETY DHCP server assigns the IP, there is an FDR (Faulty Device Replacement) requirement to upload specific files from the ENT11001 flash memory via FTP. One of these files contains information about the 'Holdup Time' and 'Reservation Time', but these values are not stored in flash memory when the module is powered up new out of the box. Therefore, as a workaround, the user must go to the "Configure Momentum IO" web page and select "Configure Communication Adapter Parameters" (see diagram). The user must then click on 'Save' to save the 'Holdup and Reservation' Time values to flash. Once this action has been accomplished, it does not have to be repeated unless the Holdup or Reservation Time value needs to be changed. The IP can now be assigned via DHCP at any time and the IO will become operational.

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