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What device types are natively supported and compatible in ION Setup 3.1?

Published date: 30 August 2019

A list of devices supported and / or compatible in the most recent version of ION Setup 3.1.

Product Line
ION Setup Version:  3.1.19192.03

Supported Device types and compatibility with ION Setup software

The posted ION Setup user manual is not updated as frequently as new software versions are released. The manual states that "The devices supported by ION Setup are subject to change".

UPDATED 8/8/19
The list below indicates devices that are currently supported in the latest version of ION Setup. Definitions of abbreviations and acronyms can be found further below.

Please note that many devices listed here have very limited functionality in ION Setup and are only present for troubleshooting or commissioning purposes.  
Schneider Electric / Square D / Power Measurement Brands Siemens Other
Conzerv EM1200 Series Energy Meter Siemens 4300 Power Meter AB 1400 PB Power Meter
Conzerv EM6400 Series Load Manager Siemens 4700 Power Meter AB 1400 PD Power Meter
Conzerv EM6400H Series Load Manager Siemens 4720 Power Meter Modbus RTU Device
Conzerv EM6400NG Series Load Manager Siemens 9200 Power Meter Modbus TCP Device
EasyLogic DM6000 Series Digital Meter Siemens 9300 Power Meter  
EasyLogic DM6000H Series Power Meter Siemens 9330 Power Meter  
EasyLogic EM1000 Series Energy Meter Siemens 9340 Power Meter  
EasyLogic PM1000 Series Power Meter Siemens 9350 Power Meter  
EasyLogic PM1000H Series Power Meter Siemens 9360 Power Meter  
EasyLogic PM2000 Series Power Meter Siemens 9410 Power Meter  
ION6200 Power Meter Siemens 9500 Power Meter  
ION6300 Power Meter Siemens 9500 RTU  
ION7300 Power Meter Siemens 9510 Power Meter  
ION7330 Power Meter Siemens 9510 RTU  
ION7350 Power Meter Siemens 9600 Power Meter  
ION7400 Power Meter Siemens 9610 Power Meter  
ION7500 Power Meter Siemens 9700 Power Meter  
ION7500-RTU Siemens 9810 Power Meter  
ION7550 Power Meter    
ION7600 Power Meter    
ION7650 Power Meter    
ION7700 Power Meter    
ION8300 Power Meter    
ION8400 Power Meter    
ION8500 Power Meter    
ION8600 Power Meter    
ION8650 Power Meter    
ION8800 Power Meter    
ION9000 Series Power Meter    
MicroLogic Circuit Breaker    
MicroLogic ULP/IFE Circuit Breaker    
PML 3300 ACM Power Meter    
PML 3350 PDM Demand Monitor    
PML 3710 ACM Power Meter    
PML 3720 ACM Power Meter    
PML 3750 PDC Demand Controller    
PML 3800 Mini RTU    
PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter    
PowerLogic CM2000 Series Circuit Monitor    
PowerLogic CM3000 Series Circuit Monitor    
PowerLogic CM4000 Series Circuit Monitor    
PowerLogic E5600 Energy Meter    
PowerLogic EM3500 Series Energy Meter    
PowerLogic EM4200 Series Enercept Meter    
PowerLogic EM4900    
PowerLogic EM7000 Series Energy meter    
PowerLogic Enercept Meter    
PowerLogic iEM3000 Series Energy Meter    
PowerLogic Model 98A Temperature Controller    
PowerLogic PM3000 Series Power Meter    
PowerLogic PM5000 Series Power Meter    
PowerLogic PM600 Series Power Meter    
PowerLogic PM700 Series Power Meter    
PowerLogic PM800 Series Power Meter    
PowerLogic PM8000 Power Meter    
PowerLogic SEPAM Digital Relay    
Vigilohm IFL Insulation Fault Locator    
Vigilohm IMD Insulation Monitoring Device    

List of supported Modbus RTU-based devices:
Veris BCM
Momentum PLC A8
Momentum PLC A16
Momentum PLC D10
Momentum PLC D16
Twido PLC D12
Twido PLC D28
Twido PLC D44

Mod: Modbus
RTU: Remote Terminal Unit
BCPM: Branch Circuit Power Meter
BCM: Branch Current Monitor
ULP: Universal Logic Plug
WAGES: Water Air Gas Electricity Steam
EPSS: Emergency Power Supply System
PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

To download the latest version of ION Setup software, refer to article FA212816.  

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