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Ground Fault Protection for Powerlink ECB Breakers

Published date: 24 June 2020

Customer would like a Powerlink Controllable Breaker with Ground Fault Protection

Product Line:
Powerlink G3/G4 Panels
ECB series breakers

NF panels

Questions about GFCI breakers for Powerlink.

There is no ECB breaker with ground fault protection.

For 30 mA Equipment Ground Fault Protection, the following 2 options are suggested:
1. Use a EDBxxxxxEPD breaker. This breaker is available in single pole only. It takes up 2 breaker positions in the panel.
2. Install Multi 9 UL1053 Listed GFP Ground Fault Protectors in a separate enclosure. Run the load and neutral through the Multi 9 GFP device.

For People Protection Ground Fault at the 5mA level, the customer must install an external device such a ground fault receptacle or other ground fault disconnect device in the circuit downstream of the Powerlink ECB Breaker.

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