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Powerlink G3, How to program a long timer delay between breakers turning ON

Published date: 24 June 2020

Some Powerlink G3 applications may require a delay of several seconds between breakers as they turn on.   Customer would like to customize the breaker timing.

Product Line:
Powerlink G3 Controllers
NF1000G3,  NF2000G3, NF3000G3, NF3000G3C

Programming the controller using the controller keypad or by LCS Advanced or LCS Basic

There are many applications where a delay is needed.  For example, one possible reason might be when Powerlink is controlling circuits that are powering computer systems.  One computer system be required to boot up before another one starts.  

The standard Stagger Delay parameter is 0.1 seconds.  Multiple breakers in a zone will turn on 1 breaker at a time, staggered by 0.1 seconds.   This stagger parameter can be changed by 0.1 s increments up to a maximum value of 1 second.    This parameter can be found on the Controller under the Controller Menu > Breakers > Timing.   In LCS, this parameter is on the "Global Breaker Timing Setup" side tab of the "Panels and Breakers" configuration screen.

If a delay of longer than 1 second is desired, it can be accomplished by dividing the breakers out into many zones.  Each zone will need to be controlled by a different Input.   The Inputs shall be synchronzied to another to be initiated at the same time, but the inputs shall have On Delay Timers to stagger them.  

For example:
Breakers 1, 2, shall turn at the same time.   5 seconds later, breakers 3 and 4 shall turn on.   5 second after breakers 3 and 4,  then breakers 5 and 6 shall turn on.   
Assign Breakers 1,2 to Zone 1,  Breakers 3,4 to Zone 2, Breakers 5,6 to Zone 3.
Setup Input 1 as to control Zone 1.
Create Inputs 17 and 18 at define them to sync to Input 1.   Assign an OnDelay of 5 seconds to Input 17 and an OnDelay of 10 seconds to Input 18.
Setup Zone 2 to be controlled by Input 17 and Zone 3 to be controlled by Input 18.


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