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How many programmable relays are in the ATS22 soft starters?

Published date: 09 September 2019

ATS22: How many programmable relays are on the soft starter?

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Needs to set up a relay for run status

The ATS22 soft starts have two relays R1 and R2 that can be programmed for fault, run, rdy etc.

To program the two relays
Go to the IO menu enter
find R1 enter or R2 enter

StPd= stopped or relay is energized at stop
nStP= not stopped relay is not energized at stop
Start= relay is energized during the start process until the shorting contactor pulls in then it turns off
rUn= relay will energize when the internal shorting contactor pulls in.
rdy= relay will energize when the soft starter is rdy.
trIP= relay is de-energized in case of a fault trip.
Alr= Relay is de-energized upon set alarm.

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