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Are OSHPD labels available for Light Duty, General Duty, Heavy Duty and Double Throw Safety Switches?

Product Design Features 

Product Line:
Safety Switches

Seismic labeling 

California Health Care System Seismic ratings

1) ALL Light Duty, General Duty, Heavy Duty and Double throw safety switches have the standard Seismic Ratings and Seismic Certificates can be obtained(SEE FA231198) for Information.

2) The OSHPD (California Health Care Facilities) OSP that expired on Dec. 31, 2019 is valid for use on any project opened before December 31, 2019 under the CBC 2013 or CBC 2016 building code versions.  Additionally, this OSP is still valid for CBC 2019 projects started on or after January 1, 2020 per the new OSHPD policy published here: https://oshpd.ca.gov/ml/v1/resources/document?rs:path=/Construction-And-Finance/PreApproval/FAQs-for-Equipment-Special-Seismic-Certification.pdf

3) To obtain the OSHPD label kit, order part number S1B54772

3) ) OSHPD has removed the OSP-0064-10 document from its website.  If you would like a copy to reference for your OSHPD project, please contact The Lexington Support Group for a PDF copy of the OSP.

EXCEPTIONS: The NEMA Type 7/9 enclosures and the QO enclosures have not been qualified for seismic applications.

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