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Are ALL the Canadian General Duty, Heavy Duty and Double Throw Safety Switch Catalog Numbers CSA Certified (for example CD224NRB, CH363RB and DTU363RB)?

Published date: 16 June 2020

Product Design Features 

Product Line:
Safety Switches

CSA Standard 

CSA Certification

GDSS = General Duty Safety Switches
HDSS = Heavy Duty Safety Switches
DTSS = Double Throw Safety Swithes
CSA = Canadian Standards Association

If the catalog number is shown in the current Canadian Digest and there is NO footnote stating otherwise, then YES all the Canadian GDSS, HDSS and DTSS Catalog numbers will be CSA Certified.
Most of the Canadian Safety Switch Catalog numbers will begin with a prefix 'C', BUT there are some that will be the same catalog number as the U.S., UL listed catalog number, for example the 800 and 1200amp, along with the 4-pole and 6-pole HDSS and many of the DTSS. PLEASE SEE THE CURRENT ON-LINE CANADIAN DIGEST FOR CATALOG NUMBER


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