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Are auxiliary contact available for 8903 Type L 2 pole contactor?

Published date: 29 June 2020

What is the part number for an auxiliary contact for a 2 pole 8903 lighting contactor?

Product Line:
8903LO20, 8903LA20, 8903LW20, 8903LWW20, 8903LH20, 8903LF20, 8903LG20
8903LXO20, 8903LXA20, 8903LXW20, 8903LXWW20, 8903LXF20, 8903LXG20

US product

There is no part listed for an auxiliary contact

There is no auxiliary contact available for this device.  Additional power poles can be used to function as auxiliary contacts.  On a two pole device, fill in the missing poles with a power contact from kit  9998RA5B, one spring seat 31071-019-01, and one contact support 31071-018-01.  This will give one additional contact which can be converted from NO to NC and vice versa.

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