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The communication of Bacnet devcies is not stable in PSE

Published date: 27 September 2019

BacNet communications in Power Scada is intermittent

Product Line
Power Scada

DebugLevel = All
DebugCategory = All
FailOnBadData = 0
DiscoveryRate = 60000
SlowPoll = 0
FastPoll = 2000 -> 10000
!FrameSize = 512 -> 1476
!AckTimeOut = 500 -> 5000
!FailOnBadData = 0
!COVLifeTime = 600
!COVExpireLag = 10000

Set  SlowPoll parameter to 60000 and now everything seems to work. I think SlowPoll needs to be non-zero because otherwise all BACNet object properties will be scanned at the FastPoll rate, currently set to 10000 (I obtained this information from the BACNET driver help file installed with the driver). This could have been causing timeouts in reading data, which was then causing the driver to periodically take devices offline. The server log showed that SetDeviceOffline calls were being made by the driver.

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