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What is the part number for the remote keypad for the ATV312 variable speed drive?

Published date: 11 June 2020

Remote keypad options ATV312

Product Line:
Altivar ATV312

All models

Needs to get keypad for the ATV312 drive.

There are three keypad options for the ATV312 drives.

Option 1:
Graphic LCD display keypad ( ATV61/71 keypad can be used with the ATV312 drive)
VW3A1101 is the HMI keypad
VW3A1102 is a remote mounting kit with bezel providing IP54
VW3A1103 is an optional cover to provide IP65

A remote cable is offered in various lengths:
VW3A1104R10 is 1 meter
VW3A1104R30 is 3 meter
VW3A1104R50 is 5 meter
VW3A1104R100 is 10 meter

Option 2:
VW3A1006 is a standard LED keypad rated IP54
VW3A1104R** cable same as option 1 above

Option 3
VW3A1007 is a standard LED keypad rated IP65
VW3A1104R** cable same as option 1 above

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