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what are the OIDs for reading the LED status from Connexium Ethernet Switch TCSESM083F23F1 using SNMP Protocol in a MIB browser.

Published date: 20 August 2019


Customer wants to read LED status on the ethernet switch using SNMP protocol.

Product Line:

Connexium Ethernet Switch TCSESM083F23F1


Windows 7 Pro, iReasoning MIB browser


The very first step is to install the correct MIB file in the MIB Browser.
We need to install the two files in the MIB Browser.
Contact your local country Schneider Electric Customer Care Center to get this files.

The LED status can for Power, Ring Manager, Standby, fault , Relay R1 and R2.
The OID for them are as below.

1. Power Supply P >> oid=".
2. Fault >>  oid=".
3. Ring Manager RM  >> oid="."
4. Standby >> oid="."
5. Relay R1 >> oid="."
5. Relay R2 >> oid="."


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