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How do you insert/remove the PCMCIA memory card from the Premium PLC?

Published date: 29 June 2020

How do you insert/remove the PCMCIA memory card from the Premium PLC?

Product Line:
TSXP57, TSX Premium



A PCMCIA memory card handle is required to insert the memory card in its slot.  The Premium controller must be powered off when inserting or removing of the PCMCIA memory card.

Fitting the handle onto the card (see image below):

1. Position the end of the memory card (opposite end from the connector) at the handle opening.
The triangular-shaped markers on both the handle and the label of the card should be on the same side.

2. Slide the memory card into the handle until it stops. It then forms an integral part of the handle.

Inserting the memory card 
To install the memory card in the processor, proceed as follows :

1. Remove the protective cover by unlocking and then pulling it towards the front of the PLC,

2. Position the PCMCIA card with its handle into the slot which is now vacant. Slide in until the
card stops, then push the handle to connect the card. 

Removing the memory card
1. Pull out the memory card and insert either the slot cover or memory card handle back into the slot.

Note :
When installing the PCMCIA card in its slot, make sure that the physical locating devices are correctly positioned :
• 1 ridge towards the top,
• 2 ridges towards the bottom

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