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Video: Troubleshooting 2510M Manual Starters

Published date: 14 May 2019

2510M Manual motor starter is not working, or the start button is not maintaining its position for start.  This is specifically directed towards a new unit installation.

Product Line:
Type M and T Integral Horsepower Starters
2510M NEMA Starters - GIC Product

US Product

Product Installation

The underlying cause of this issue is almost always incorrect installation or initial reset of the thermal units. 
  1. Check if thermal units have actually been bought and installed.  These units require either one or three thermal units depending on whether it is a single phase or three phase unit respectively.
  2. If units have been installed, check to see that the installation has been done properly.  The thermal unit should be installed with the ratchet wheel on the left and with the writing on the brass clearly visible.  The pawl arm extending from the overload block should be on the top side of the wheel  so that the curved piece is able to grab onto the wheel when reset.
  3. If units have been installed correctly, try resetting the device.  The stop button must be pressed very firmly in so that the pawl arms lower against the ratchet wheel and catch.  It is recommended to use both thumbs to press in the stop button so that an appropriate amount of force is used.
Following these directions will solve most issues for new installations.

Please review the following video and attached instruction bulletin for reference to the above steps:

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