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Video: How to locate catalog number, series number, and date code on QO and Homeline load centers.

Published date: 10 June 2020

Determine product date code

Product Line:
QO and Homeline Load Centers

The catalog number, series number and date codes


In ALL the current design QO and Homeline load centers (the year 2000 and forward), the date code can be found in one of three places:  
  • On the outside Carton Label of the box, which is located at one of the ends of the carton. (See attached pdf Sample Carton Label)
  • On the Box Label, which is located inside of the load center enclosure on either the left or right side wall and will be under the UL Mark of the label. (See Attached video and pdf.)
  • On the interior label, which is located on the black plastic material of the interior itself, near the Main Lugs of the load center. (See Attached video and pdf)

NOTE: The Date Code will read something like these examples below:  
  • 095231 (09=year, 52=week of the year, 3=day of week and 1=shift)
  • 171022 (17=year, 10=week of the year, 2=day of week and 2=shift)

For Older QO and Homeline load centers BEFORE the year 2000, the date code will read differently. Here is an example: H 25 W 065 2, where the first letter is the Month, the first 2 numbers are the Day of the month, the next letter is a Year, etc.  Refer to this page on Schneider Electric's Download Center for datasheet 0110PD9201 for a breakdown of QO and Homeline load center date codes pre-2000s.  

QO Label Location:
Homeline Label Location:

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