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Video: How do I generate a diagnostic file for PME?

Published date: 14 February 2020

Technical Support or sales may request that a diagnostic file be generated for a PME system.

This diagnostic file provides information from the PME system that is useful for troubleshooting, and understanding the scope of the system.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert

Generating a diagnostic file for PME 

*WARNING - Modification of files in this folder, beyond what is outlined in this procedure, may affect operation of your PME system. Do not make any changes in the program installation folder beyond what is described in this procedure, unless instructed to do so by a tech support agent.*

The procedure for generating a diagnostics file is as follows. A video procedure can also be viewed below.

  1. Open the PME program installation folder. On a typical system, this is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert.
  2. Open the "Diagnostics Tool" folder and right click Diagnostics Tool.exe. Select Run as administrator. The Diagnostics Tool window will open.
  3. In the Product Selection drop-down menu, select the appropriate version of the PME system.
  4. Click the Browse... button to select the diagnostic file output location. By default, the diagnostic file will save to the desktop.
  5. Click Select All to run all of the Analysis Items.
    If the technical support or sales agent directs you to select specific items, select those items instead.
  6. Click Start Analysis. Once the analysis completes, a .cab diagnostic file will be saved to the specified output location. This location is set to the Desktop by default.
NOTE: The password, if prompted, for the system diagnostic report is "Schneider"


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