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Video: Converting a ProWORX 32 project to Unity Pro

Follow this procedure for converting a ProWORX 32 project to Unity Pro:
1- Go to FILE > OPEN and select the ProWORX 32 project to be converted. The File Type will have a PWX extension. Click the OPEN button.
2- Select the 984LL options (Symbols and Target PLC Family) for the conversion then click the OK button.
3- ProWORX 32 will create a conversion log file with the processed information. When the conversion is complete, check the log file for errors.
4- Go to BUILD > ANALYZE PROJECT to analyze the project. The project will show Analyzed if there are no errors.
5- Go to BUILD > REBUILD ALL PROJECT to build the project. The project will show Built if there are no errors.
6- Check for Errors and Warnings in the Output Box.
7- Once the Errors and Warnings have been cleared, save the converted ProWORX 32 to Unity project. Go to FILE > SAVE AS and enter the File Name. Click the SAVE button. A Unity Pro STU project file will be created and saved

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