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How do I activate the ION8650 Cellular Modem?

Published date: 19 October 2018

Customer would like to use the available on-board cell modem to communicate to the ION8650. The cell modem must be activated before use.

Product Line
ION8650A, ION8650B, ION8650C

ION8650 series meters with cell modems

Before communicating with the cell modem, activation must be carried out both on the network side (Verizon) and locally (terminal). 

To activate the ION8650 cell modem:

1. Locate the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID). This number can either be found on the label on the side of the meter, through the meter display, or by connecting to the meter using ION Setup.

2. Contact Verizon, provide the MEID and modem type and request an activation of the meter’s cell modem.

3. Activate the cell modem by connecting to the meter with terminal software such as Telnet or Hyperterminal. Login User: 8650, Pass: 0. Once you have successfully logged into the meter, enter cellactivate 1 at the prompt.

NOTE: If you are connected to the meter through Ethernet, you must type 9 and press Enter to bring up the debug screen, then enter cellactivate 1 at the prompt to activate the cell modem. 

4. Verify that the IP address shown on the meter matches the IP address issued by the provider.

NOTE: It is recommended that when activating your modem, a static IP address is requested. Using a dynamic IP can result in a change of IP address whenever the meter is power cycled.

Please see document 7EN52-0378-01 (attached below) for additional details regarding the ION8650 Cellular Modem.

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