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What are the part numbers for Altivar Process Demo and Motor cases?

Published date: 22 June 2020

Altivar Process Demo and Motor cases part numbers.

Product Line:
ATV630, ATV212, ATV312, ATV61, ATV71, ATV12, ATV212



Part number              Description
ATV630Flexdemo       ATV630 drive inside a small black box with no motor. Has a 24V power supply and a wifer.
ATVFlexDemo01        Set consisting of ATVflexdemo02 and ATVFlexdemo03
ATVFlexDemo02        Green case with motor, control switches and speed pots
ATVFlexDemo03        Black case with ATV12, ATV212, ATV312, ATV61, ATV71, ATV32 drives on a backplane and pigtails

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