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Why ATV-IMC with Drive ILF Error.

Published date: 04 November 2020

Potential issue:
An issue is present in the park due to a bad association between the Firmware and the Hardware.
Impacted ATV-IMC date codes are between 1537 - 1606.

The bad association is:
      SoMachine V3.1
            Old Firmware (Firmware =< to V1.1.2.13.) – New Hardware Date code > 1536
      SoMachine V4.x
            Old Firmware (Firmware =< to V4.0.1.13.) – New Hardware Date code > 1536

Behaviour of the card in case of bad Association
-    The Card works without issue ( But we cannot guarantee the behaviour in the time)
-    The card is in Error immediately after Run state.
               Led Err are on.
               No connection possible with SoMachine.

Cards impacted:
A list of serial number is joined in order to detect easily the cards impacted. See attachment for detailed list.
This list provides:
-    The Serial Number accessible on the Card.
-    The Serial number accessible on the Box

Action recommended
-   Ask for a replacement of the card by a new one, this exchange MUST done with the information:
           -"Exchange for bad Firmware association" 
           -In the documents associated with the return.

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