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What is an OCF trip code on the ATS22?

Published date: 18 June 2020

ATS22 soft starter stopped running.  Display is showing OCF.

Product line:
ATS22, Altistart 22


Motor overcurrent detection

OCF is caused by motor current that exceeds the OId (Overcurrent threshold) and OIt (overcurrent time delay) settings in the PrO menu.  The default settings for these from the factory are OId = 200% of the In setting and OIt is 0.5 seconds.

Check that the ATS22 is correctly setup for the application.  In should be set at the motor FLA.  UIn should be set to the measured Line voltage.  Check the setting of ILt under the SEt menu.  

For example - if In is set for 100A, the Overcurrent fault would happen when the detected current reaches 200A for 0.5 seconds.  OId can be increased to a maximum of 300% of the In value.  OIt can be adjusted up to 5.0 seconds maximum.

This function is only active when the ATS22 is in rUn status.

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