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Can I install an AMS switch onto an existing breaker?

Published date: 11 June 2020

Can the AMS be put on an breaker already installed?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Powerpact P and R, and Masterpact NT and NW Circuit Breakers
Micrologic Trip Units 5.0A, 5.0P, 5.0H, 6.0A, 6.0P, 6.0H

The AMS switch is designed to be factory installed in switchboard and switchgear. It can be installed in the field, but it requires a breaker with an A, P, or H trip unit and purchase of the following:
  • Restraint Interface Module (RIM), catalog number S48890 (120 Vac/24 Vdc) or S48895 (240 Vac/24 Vdc).
  • Kit 84957: label and components for required switches; includes the following
    • Instruction Bulletin NHA40218
    • AMS nameplate (80298-173-01)
    • AMS danger label (NHA41456)
    • C&KJ AMS push button (KM3301RR05Q) (button used for testing)
  • Switch with blue indicator light (9001K11J38LLL)
  • Switch contact block (9001KA3)
  • Padlock attachment (9001K7)
  • Remote Pilot Light (the bulletin shows 9001KP1L9 or 9001KP35L9, but others can be used)
See attachment for instructions.
Schneider Services can advise on the feasibility of adding AMS for a particular installation.
Contact your local Schneider/Square D Services or Sales Office for more information.

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