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What would cause a ATS22 Soft Starter to have a blank display and not power up?

Published date: 17 June 2020

ATS22 blank display and will not power up

Product Line:
ATS22 soft starters 


Control voltage may be missing on the CL1 CL2 terminals or the Main control board may be inoperative.

Troubleshooting suggestions:
Make sure you have the appropriate voltage on the CL1 CL2 terminals. Suffix S6U units should have 120VAC and Suffix S6 units should have 230VAC. 
If you have good voltage on the terminals remove power and check wiring under the Main Control board and the Power board. 
If you have anything wired to the +24VDC terminal (S6 suffix units only) remove the wires and power cycle to see if the display comes back up. 

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