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How can you setup Preset Speeds on the ATV630?

Published date: 11 September 2019

Application requires 2 preset speeds.  

Product line:
ATV600, ATV630



Up to 16 Preset speeds are available in the Process drive.  Low speed is consider Preset speed 1.  

Digital inputs can be assigned to 2 Preset Speeds, 4 Preset Speeds, 8 Preset Speeds and 16 Preset Speeds.
Follow the Logic chart from the Programming manual (see attached)

For example, looking for two presets, using DI3 for one speed and DI4 for the second speed.
Assign 2 Preset Speeds to DI3
Assign 4 Preset Speeds to DI4
Set Preset Speed 2 for the first frequency desired
Set Preset Speed 3 for the second frequency.

How it works:
Close the run command and DI3, the drive will run at Preset Speed 2
Close the run command and DI4, the drive will run at Preset Speed 3
If both DI3 and DI4 are closed at the same time, the drive would operate at Preset Speed 4.

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