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AL003 or undervoltage error on LXM28 servo drive

I get AL003 when I power up the LXM28 drive

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AL003 alarm on power-up

Alarm code AL003 will always occur if the ´Control Supply´ on L1 and L2 is connected but the ´Power Supply´ is not connected on R and S (T) when the drive has already booted up.
If you ensure that the the mains supply voltage is correct, you can either do an explicit "Fault Reset" or an automatic reset.
The drive provides a parameter to make an automatic "Fault Reset" after the undervoltage error AL003 is detected.
It's parameter P2:66 (Bit 2 = TRUE). When you set P2:66 to 4, the AL003 will be reset automatically after the power supply is connected and the voltage level is correct.
The ´Undervoltage Monitoring - Threshold Value´ can be set with parameter P4:24

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