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Why does my ATV6xx or ATV9xx trip on Overspeed (SOF) and measure very low output voltage, even at 60Hz?

Published date: 15 June 2020

Overspeed Fault (SOF) on Process Drive

Product Line: 
ATV600, ATV900

Programming changes

Programming change required

Need to program as follows or you will get Overspeed Fault and Measure very low voltage on the output of the drive, even at 60hz

 How to run Process Drives with a Small or No Motor

1 - Set nPC (Motor Param Choice) to 'Mot Cosinus'  [Main Menu] ->[Complete settings] -> [Motor parameters] -> [Motor data] -> [Data] -> [Motor Param Choice]

2 - Set Ctt [Motor Control Type] to 'U/F VC Quad'   [Main Menu] -> [Complete settings] -> [Motor parameters] -> [Motor Control Type]

3 - Set OPL to 'NO'    [Main Menu] -> [Complete settings] -> [Error/Warning handling] -> [Output phase loss]

*See the applicable attached Programming Manual for further details. 

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