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Video: Differences between Homeline™ (HOM) plug-on neutral and non plug-on neutral panels and breakers

Differences between HOM Plug-On Neutral and Non Plug-On Neutral Panels and Breakers

Product Line:
Load Centers

The difference in the load centers is that the neutral bar on the plug-on neutral panels will extend to the bottom of the interior, and will have spaces in between the screws for the breakers to attach to. The neutral bar on the non plug-on neutral panels will be much shorter.

The plug-on neutral breakers will not have a pigtail, and will have a rejection feature on the bottom to restrict them to only plug-on neutral panels. The non plug-on neutral breakers will have a pigtail and will not have the rejection feature (as the breakers can be used in both styles of panels).

See video below for more information.

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