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How is PID programmed on the ATV320 drives?

Published date: 09 June 2020

ATV320 PID set up.

Product line:
ATV320, Altivar 320


To maintain pressure, temperature or flow within a system

Using the dial on the display, Push Enter and turn to CONF > FULL > FUN > PID.

Under the PID Regulator menu set:
PIF - PID feedback assignment

PIF1 - Min PID feedback
PIF2 - Max PID feedback
PIP1 - Min PID reference
PIP2 - Max PID reference
PII - Act. Internal PID ref
RPI - Internal PID ref

Min/Max PID Reference and Feedback are typically set to the range of the transducer.  Act. Internal PID turns on the internal set point.  Internal PID ref is the set point you want to maintain.  

You have a transducer, 4-20 mA output with a 0-100PSI range wired to AI3 and COM.  You want to maintain 40PSI pressure.  The recommended settings would be:
PIF - AI3 
PIF1 - 0
PIF2 - 100
PIP1 - 0
PIP2 - 100
PII - yes
RPI - 40

This would maintain 40PSI (10.4 mA feedback) in the system based on 4-20 mA signal coming into AI3.  
Feedback < 10.4 mA will increase motor speed. 
Feedback > DVD will decrease motor speed.
If the VFD reaction needs to be reversed, set PiC, PID correct reverse, to YES.

The PID Regulator section of the ATV320 Programming Manual is attached. 

The full ATV320 Programming Manual can found here:

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