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ATV320 drive how do you set up your reference 1 channel so that local knob is the speed reference and the digital input is the start command. 

Published date: 21 May 2020

Local speed reference in ATV320 with digital input for start command.

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Programming setting up the local knob for speed control and using the digital input for start stop. 

Goto the Control menu : CONF > FULL > CTL-
Change parameter CHCF [Profile] from Sin [Not Separate] to SEP [Separate]
NOTE:  You must press and hold the enter button for at least 2 seconds to change this parameter.
Then goto FR1 and change from AI1 (default) to A1U1
CD1 [Cmd channel 1] is set to tEr [Terminals] by default so it can be left alone. 

After the programming is complete, press ESC until you are back at RDY.   
In order to control the speed, you must press Enter twice.   
This will place you in the REFerence menu and allow you to adjust the motor speed with the jog dial on the front of the drive. The value is a % of the LSP-HSP range.  
If power is ever cycled to the drive, you will need to press Enter twice again to re-enter this menu so you can make adjustments.

See the Programming manual for details on these parameters:

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