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Is Multi Time Zone Supported by Power Monitoring Expert 8.x or 9.0?

Published date: 09 June 2020

Customer is unable to use Power Monitoring Expert 8.x for multi time zone.

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Power Monitoring Expert

Power Monitoring Expert
Microsoft Windows Multi-time zone

In Power Monitoring Expert 8.x, timestamps are either UTC or local server time. If a user is located in a time zone other than the server, the times displayed in PME do not match expectations.  
The PME servers need to be able to currently support multi time zone sites based on the physical location where the meters are located.
This is required for both data archiving and reporting purposes.
For example, the time stamp you see in vista or web browser will be server local time that the end user is viewing the information from,
(East coast viewer will see local time 11 AM, West coast viewer will local time 8 AM).

Power Monitoring Expert 8.x does not support multi-time zone.
PME 9.0 has Multi-Time zone Support. In web applications, data is displayed in meter local time regardless of the location of the PME server.

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