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How to Set up an ION or Powerlogic Meter as a Modbus Master

Published date: 09 June 2020

How to configure modbus mastering of downstream devices on ION and Powerlogic meters.

Product Line
ION7550, ION7650, ION7550RTU, PM8000, ION7400, ION9000

ION Setup


In ION Setup:
Step 1: Setup communication protocol for Modbus mastering.
  1. In ION Setup, click on the Master Device that you want to set up.
  2. Click on the View Setup Options Only tab from the tool bar.
  3. Double click on Setup assistant in the right pane
  4. Click on communications > Serial Settings
  5. Set COM port (e.g. COM1) Comm Mode to RS485
  6. Set COM port Protocol to Modbus Master
  7. Set the baud rate, stop bits and parity to be the same as on your slave device(s). i.e these settings should be identical on all devices.
  8. Set the Com port unit ID to a unique number
  9. Click Exit 
Step 2: Enter Advanced mode, and set the MMO1 Serial Connection 1 in the Modbus Master options module Setup register to the communication port your slave device is connected to on the master device.
  1. While holding on the Ctrl key, left click on your meter
  2. Click on Modbus Master options module.
  3. If the folder is empty, right click on the right pane > Insert module, otherwise proceed to next step.
  4. Double click Modbus Master Options 1
In the Setup Register
For Serial connections:
  • Double-click on a preferred Serial Connection (eg Serial Connection 1), and select the communications port you are using on your master device (e.g. COM1)
  • Doble-click ModbusGate Connection and set it to Gateway Enabled - Serial Connection 1 (set this to which ever serial connection is selected above step )
For TCP Connections:
  • Double-click TCP Connection 1, and enter the IP address and modbus port number of the TCP connection(s), e.g.
  • Double-click ModbusGate Connection and set it to "Gateway Enabled - No Connection"
Click OK to save changes.

Step 3: Enter the Modbus map of your slave device(s) into the Modbus Master Map Module.
NOTE: Refer to FA235176 for supported formats used in the Modbus Master Map Module.
  1. Click on Modbus Master Map Module.
  2. Right click in the right pane > Insert Module
  3. Double click on the new module that you created
  4. In Setup Registers tab, double click on device Type and enter device name and click OK
  5. Double click on Device Map, enter the device map following the format in the FAQ FA235162
  6. Click OK to save changes
Step 4: Enter the exact device type and connection properties into the Modbus Master Device Module (i.e. Connection, Slave address, Device Name and Slave name, you may leave comms error at default).
  1. Click on Modbus Master Device Module.
  2. If the folder is empty, right click on the right pane > Insert module, otherwise proceed to next step.
  3. Double Click on Modbus Master Device module.
In the Setup Register:
  1. Select the connection type (Serial or TCP).
  2. Enter the unit ID of the slave device. Click OK.
  3. Enter the device type for the slave device. Click OK. (Same name entered in Modbus Master Map Module)
  4. Under the Slave Name, give a name to the slave device. Click OK.
  5. Click OK to save changes.
Refer to the ION Reference manual on more details on meter modules and their functions: ION Reference Manual

NOTE: Not all firmware revisions are capable of TCP modbus mastering. The following firmware versions and higher are capable of modbus mastering:
Meter Firmware Version
ION7550 v 350
ION7650 v 350
PM8000 intitial firmware release (v 1.0)
ION9000 initial firmware release

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