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How to remotely disable Sag and Swell alarming on a PM8000 power meter.

Published date: 09 June 2020

The PM8000 meter may have been improperly configured when originally setup causing nuisance alarms.

PM8000 series

ION Setup
Power monitoring

The PM8000 series meter alarms on Sags and Swells for current and voltage. In the event this needs to be disabled a remote method may be preferred.
Alarms may include but not limited to: "DAN 6 exceeded"  or any variation of module numbers. 

This method can be used for any of the modules under the Disturbance analyzer module 
  1. Open ION setup 
  2. If connecting in single device mode click exit button and when prompted to connect to another device, select no. In the left hand panel, hold control and click on Ethernet Device
  3. If connected in power user mode and the device is not already added , follow instructions in ION Setup User guide to add a site and device. 
  4. Once the device is available in the menu. Hold Ctrl key while left clicking the pm8000 device added.
  5. Locate "Disturbance analyzer modules" and left click
  6. To disable the current swell alarm double click "current swell" 
  7. Under Setup registers, select "DAN6 Enable" and click on the edit button.
  8. In the drop down menu select "disabled" and click Ok.
  9. Click send button.
  10. To disconnect from ION setup click File and then Exit.

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