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How to display individual Web applications without banners or tabs in Power Monitoring Expert

Published date: 09 June 2020

User would like to display a specific web application in Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Power Monitoring Expert 8.x, PME 9.x

Web browser


The tables below show the url to use to access the individual web applications. Replace [servername] with the name or IP address of the PME server hosting the web applications.

PME 8.x:
Dashboards   http://[servername]/Dashboards/
Default Network Diagram   http://[servername]/ion/
Tables   http://[servername]/web/application/Tables
Trends   http://[servername]/trends
Alarms   http://[servername]/web/application/Alarms
Reports   http://[servername]/reporter/

PME 9.x:
Dashboards   https://[servername]/Dashboards/
Default Network Diagram   https://[servername]/ion/
Diagrams   https://[servername]/diagrams/
Trends   https://[servername]/trends
Alarms   https://[servername]/Alarms
Reports   https://[servername]/reporter/

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