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Video: How to find description about LADDER logic program in Zelio Soft 2

Published date: 12 June 2020

Locating description about ladder logic program in Zelio Soft 2

Product Line: 
Relays and Timers

SR2 and SR3 Zelio Logic Smart Relays

​Would like to know more about ladder logic in Zelio Soft


First, double click on the component you want to know about, then click on the radio button for the function in the pop out window, and the description will show up. You can click on the ‘’?’’ mark for more detailed description in the pop out window.

Also, the complete helpfile can be found on the top of the programming interface, to the right of the WINDOW tab, click on the question mark then select HELP. Then the complete helpfile will show up, one can also conduct a key word search for a quick directory  to the information you need.

Review the following video for a step by step tutorial:

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