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Voltage Inputs Burden Rating for ION and Powerlogic Meters

Published date: 16 June 2020

Burden rating for the voltage input terminals.

Product Line
ION6200, ION75xx, ION76xx, ION86xx, PM5xxx, PM8xxx, PM8xx

The voltage input terminals for the Powerlogic and ION meters have a fixed input impedance.
The burden can be calculated thus:

VA per phase = (Input Voltage^2) / (Input impedance)

Kindly refer to the installation guide for your meter's for specifications.
All meter documentation can be found in the Schneider Electric website:

Note for socket meters:
The voltage measurement terminals with the standard power supply options have the same VA rating as the power supply:
 20VA max.

The meters with the AUX power supply option measurement terminals have a 5 Mega Ohm input impedance.
For example, if the voltage coming into the terminals is 120V:
 V^2/R = 120V^2 / 5Meg =  2.88 x 10^-3 VA per phase.

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