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Video: How to add Modbus points to an ION meter's default Modbus Map using ION Setup (Setup Assistant)

Published date: 17 June 2020

A user may want additional Modbus data points to add to the Modbus register map in an ION Meter     

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Meter Programming

Most ION meters can offer many additional measurements than what is provided in the Default Modbus Map.

1. Open ION Setup and connect to an ION Meter (an ION7650 meter is used in this demonstration)
    As a reminder, the default User is "supervisor" and the Password is "0" for ION Setup

2. Select "Single ION device configuration mode" and click "OK"

3. Select "Ethernet", enter the IP Address of the meter, and click "OK"

4. The "Setup Assistant" will appear once successfully connected to a meter.

5. Select the "Communications" folder in the left-hand pane of the Setup Assistant window and then select "3rd Party Protocols" under the "Communications" folder.

6. Under the "Modbus Slave" tab in the right-hand pane of the Setup Assistant window, double-click "Default"

7. Unless the password has been changed, the default password for ION meters is the number zero "0". Enter the password and click "OK"

8. In the resulting "Default Modbus Map" window select "Add" - this brings up the "Modbus Register" window

Note the Address number in this window - this number will be the modbus register number assigned to the value to be added
Also note the Format - modbus addresses are 16-bit addresses. Any 32-bit selection will assign the first 16 bits in the modbus register number assigned,
and the second 16 bits in the next register address number (incremented by one). ION Setup will automatically assign the next modbus register value available in its register map.

9. To assign a measurement point, click "Select" in the upper right-hand corner of this window - a "Parameter Selection" window appears

10. Select the desired value from the expandable types of measurements and click "OK" through the next three windows - 
a temporary window will appear labeled "Reprogramming Modbus Map" and completes the addition of the new modbus point


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