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Video: How to select a Low Voltage Transformer using the Product Selector

Published date: 06 August 2019

Selecting the appropriate Low Voltage 1ph or 3ph Transformer for your specific application.

Product Line:
Three Phase LV Transformers - Energy Efficient - EX (DOE 2016)
Three Phase LV Transformers - Energy Efficient - EX, K-13 Rated (DOE 2016)
Single Phase LV Transformers  - Energy Efficient - EE (DOE 2016)

North American Products

The LV Transformer Selection Tool makes it easy to choose the correct product for your application. The following video shows how quickly you can determine which transformer meets your specifications:

Alternatively, follow steps 1-5 below to select a LV Transformer:

1) Select a the Product Type or sub set
a) Energy efficient - 2016 EX - three phase only
b) Energy efficient - 2016 EX, K13 rated - three phase only
c) Energy efficient - 2016 EX, watchdog low temperature rise - three phase only
d) Energy efficient - 2016 EE single phase only

2) Select the KVA rating

3) Select the primary voltage

4) Select the secondary voltage

5) Select any accessories required

Useful links:

Cross Reference Tool - find Schneider Electric equivalents for many obsolete and competitor products.

Documents and Download Center - access technical documents, CAD files, drawings, brochures and more.

Buck Boost Calculator - link to the Buck Boost Electronic Calculator

DigestPLUS - access to the DigestPLUS LV Transformer pages

Additional Selection Criteria for LV Transformers

Minimum attributes required to select a transformer:
  • Load voltage (secondary voltage)
  • Load requirement (load always determines phase of transformer)

Three-phase (three wire to four wire)

Single-phase (two wire or three wire)

  • Load Current (use table to convert to kVA or formula)

Single Phase formula: Volts x Current = VA

Three Phase formula: Volts x Current x v3 = VA

Convert VA to kVA by dividing by 1000

  • System voltage and frequency (primary voltage)
  • Mounting Location


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