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What is the purpose of revenue metering and components of revenue metering in PM8000 series meters ?

Published date: 30 June 2020

End user would like to know more about revenue metering and how the PM8000 series can assist with this

METSEPM8240, 8243, 8244

Revenue Metering

The main purpose of a revenue meter is to provide measurements that are within
industry-accepted limits for accuracy over a defined range of operating conditions.
It also provides adequate protection against unauthorized alteration of these
measured quantities. International and national standards define industry accepted
accuracy limits. National and utility-based standards regulate protection against
unauthorized alteration of measured quantities.

Components of revenue metering:
To meet government regulations and utility security requirements, the meter
incorporates three types of security systems.
The meter incorporates three types of security systems:
  1. Traditional anti-tamper mechanical seals on the meter
  2. A password-based security system for resetting meter values (for example,Peak Demand reset)
  3. A hardware-based security system that prevents modification of revenue quantities after the meter is locked


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