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AccuSine PCS+ Dual operation mode

Published date: 27 September 2019

The AccuSine+ can be used as a harmonic filter and power factor correction/Load balancing simultaneously. The total output current will be limited by harmonic current and the reactive current. 

Product Line
AccuSine PCS+


The total output of the harmonic filter in dual mode is governed by the following formula:

When the total current output of the active filter required exceeds the unit rating, the AccuSine PCS+ has a harmonic priority setting to determine which mode has priority.

Use percentage of harmonic priority to set output current split
  • 100% means output capacity utilized for harmonic correction, then left over can be used for Power factor correction.
  • 0% assigns fundamental (PF correction) current as the primary mode, left over used for harmonic correction.
The table below describes the relationship between harmonic current the reactive current


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