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Video: How to install S29370 removable padlock attachment for OFF position onto PowerPact B-, H-, J-, or L-frame

Published date: 10 June 2020

How do you install the removable padlock attachment (S29370) onto a PowerPact B, H, J, or L Frame circuit breaker
Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Powerpact Circuit Breakers

Slide the device out so that the three padlock holes are out of alignment. Put the padlock attachment in the breaker so that the small notches on the device line up with the small grooves in the breaker handle frame. Then slide it closed so that the padlock holes line up with each other. At the point, a padlock can be inserted in any (or all) of the holes to prevent the device from being taken out of place. As long as it is in place, the breaker cannot be turned on. For more information, see video below or the attached instruction bulletin:

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