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What would cause the ATS22 to keep tripping the shunt trip breaker and not allow you to reset a simple OLF overload fault?

Published date: 24 September 2019

The ATS22  keeps tripping the shunt trip breaker and will not allow you to reset a simple OLF overload fault

Product Line:
Enclosed ATS22 with Shunt trip breakers only


The shunt trip will trip on any fault including the OLF which will remove power to the soft starter preventing it from timing out and resetting the fault. 

You can temporarily remove the wire from the ATS22 terminal R2B to temporarily disable the shunt trip feature.   Now the Soft starter will stay powered up, time out and then allow the fault to be reset.  If the timeout is not important to cool the motor, you can manually reset the OLF by going into the PRO menu and setting ItH = OFF, then power cycling the soft starter and then setting ItH = ON. This resets the thermal memory.  Reconnect the R2B terminal wire.


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