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Is the VW3A1111 keypad compatible for use with the ATV320 drives?

Published date: 15 May 2020

Will the VW3A1111 keypad work with the ATV320 drives?

Product Line:

All serial numbers


Both the ATV320 VFD and the VW3A1111 keypad firmwares have been upgraded to support compatibility. (6-2019)

Firmware versions required:
ATV320  V2.9IE37#3
VW3A1111  V2.0IE53
Earlier versions are not compatible. 

VW3A1111 is supported for use with the ATV6x0, ATV9x0 and ATV340 VFD product lines.
The ATV320 is also compatible with keypads VW3A1101, VW3A1006 and VW3A1007.

Note: Early versions of the ATV320 catalog included the VW3A1111 keypad by mistake, but was removed from the Sept 2018 catalog.

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