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Video: How to configure a register through ION Setup 3.0

Configuring Modbus Registers on PowerLogic ION Meters via ION Setup

Product Line
ION7650, ION7550
ION7600, ION7500, ION7400

ION Setup 3.0

Would like to map values that aren't already mapped in the Modbus register map

Follow the steps to configure a register in ION Setup 3.0

Open ION Setup 3.0 > View Setup Screens > Open Setup Assistant

Navigate to Communications > 3rd Party Protocols > Modbus Slave tab

Click on the Map name to highlight to Edit the map

Click Add, then configure the parameters of the custom register.
Note: the Address value must be between 40001 & 41800

Select a Source Register to link

Click Ok after parameters are chosen

Can save the Modbus map as a CSV by clicking on 'Save As' and choosing a file location. Click Ok

Now a Modbus register has been added/configured and can read this register's value

Note: For documentation on ION Modules, please reference ION Reference

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